When you share your time and energy in a way that makes people feel grateful to you, you are a Do-er. You're like warm fuzzies to the people around you. When people show their gratitude via the app, you get in-app credit, which we call points.

Find Good Help

Got a great idea, but no way to get it off the ground? Need a certain skill to finish a project? Easyah will help you find the quality help you need.


You encourage good things happening when you use your skills and resources to help people do what they do better. Offer to do what you can, in exchange for the points that Do-er's earn in gratitude. THAT is leveraging good!

Make A Difference

When people look you in the eye, and say Thank You... When you can confirm, that you've inspired someone to create positive energy, just so they can talk to you, then it's clear, making a difference is Easyah.

The Best Thing You Can Do...

"Easyah harnesses the power of helping and gratitude, the 6th and 10th 'best things that you can do today to make yourself happy'. It's way cool."

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Get paid to be good.

Easyah is stepping into the gig economy. Click here to find out how you can get paid to be good.